The Baby House was founded in response to the need for 5 million children who will be orphaned by 2015 in South Africa. The Baby House is officially a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies and toddlers… our style of care however is far beyond what you would expect in a typical children’s home. We value one on one attention, loving touch and good quality nutrition, medication and therapies to assist our little ones in healing from trauma and returning to a safe world of self-discovery. We opened our doors in 2011, to date the destiny of 21 children has been radically and beautifully changed.

We are based in Johannesburg and house 6 children at a time.


The Baby House

Our vision is to create more homes, with medical facilities to accommodate victims of infant rape as well as abused and abandoned babies. In order to do this we need to increase our sustainable income and to form partnerships with corporations devoted to the care and development of our current and future generation of children.

Robin Fenn

When making the decision to devote my life to vulnerable children, I envisioned a home which made each child feel that they belonged, were welcome and had every comfort and tool to develop beyond their trauma into a whole, happy being who knew love and joy. I chose a middle class suburb as the location so that our children would experience a community of people who believe in protecting children and good quality of life. Although a child may only spend a few months at The Baby House, my intention is that each child comes to know that they are worthy of love, good resources and a safe environment where their dignity is acknowledged.

Robin Fenn

I have seen how miraculously love, safety, fun and stimulation can turn a frightened child into a thriving, happy child. I chose to live in the home, to give the children the opportunity to form a healthy attachment to a caregiver and we have 1 Mama for every 3 children, creating the sense of a family home.

I have an honours degree in Clinical Psychology and practiced as Metaphysical healer for 10 years. My research has largely been around healing trauma and the effect of both current and genetically inherited cellular memory of trauma and the effect it has on the individual. I recognise the importance of breaking the cycle of abuse, poverty and violence in order for the next generation of children to treat their children with love and protection.


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